98 East 1st St. Coquille,OR.      Mon-Sat: 11am-9pm. Sun: Closed.    (541).396.3400


Denny's Pizza continues to enjoy great reviews from many that have stopped by and tried our food. For the latest reviews please check us out on Yelp and Urban Spoon.


We also enjoyed the following review from Ron Jackimowicz, Cuisine Editor for Restaurants A-Z...

"If you were driving around Coquille last Tuesday at about 6 p.m. and you were wondering where the other half of town was, I think they were at Denny's Pizza.The place was hopping with a boisterous mix of adults and children, many in large groups.That early in the week, I half-expected that we wouldn't run into much of a crowd. Heck, over the weekend Autumn and I went to a restaurant in Newport with roof-top dining and an ocean-view and we almost had the place to ourselves.That definitely wasn't the case at Denny's.I wasn't really sure what we were going to order when we arrived in town, but when I opened the door from my parking spot across the street in front of the Sawdust Theatre I could smell the garlic. Love that smell.So after ordering a medium chicken garlic pizza and a small pitcher of beer, we found a table for two back along the wall under a historic 1935 photo of the McCullough Bridge.That's one of the many charming aspects of Denny's. In the dining area, the walls are covered with large replica photos from all over Coos County.Included is a photo of Coquille in 1952, looking right down First Street where Denny's is now located.There are video games dividing the dining area from the children's play area. One young man was taking direct aim while playing Big Buck Safari. Being fans of good crust on pizza, we knew we were in luck when our server delivered our order. 'I love the ones with bubbles," Autumn said. The thin crust was crunchy without being dry, or overdone, so we got a nice crunch as we dove in after the garlic that had been tempting us since we got there. The idea was to get a medium, so we could have a few pieces leftover for Autumn's lunch the next day. No such luck. That bubbly crust was just too much of a temptation and we polished the whole thing off..."

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